Ness, an independent fashion and lifestyle label, offer a vibrant range of women’s clothing and accessories. Operating from their own branded stores, they also distribute stock to a retail network of more than 500 stockists throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Their extensive product range (circa 600 SKUs) ranging from clothing to accessories such as bags, purses and shoes is also offered direct to consumers via a mail order catalogue and website.

Managing warehousing and fulfilment of orders inhouse was fine for low volumes of orders but as the business grew more successful with increased brand awareness and demand, this activity was beginning to prove too labour intensive, particularly so at peak periods.

The existing warehouse operation could not cope with the demand and the introduction of temporary labour to bolster resources created additional quality issues and delays resulting in orders coming in but not being turned round in the required timescale, with the order backlog contributing to loss of income, strain on staff and disgruntled customers.

By outsourcing their fulfilment operations to SYKES, Ness now benefits from a reliability in quality, reliability and enhanced customer satisfaction and scalability with service levels consistently met even during peak sales periods and as the Director of the company quotes, “From the outset, SYKES has provided a very professional service that virtually removed overnight the constraints that had previously been impacting on our business and that frees us now to concentrate on developing and growing our Brand”

Services provided:

  • Order Preparation
  • Bulk Shipment to Shops & Stockists
  • Direct Shipment to Consumers
  • Delivery Management
  • Returns Management
  • International Outbound Post
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Replenishment Planning