As the popular slogan goes…Once you pop, you can’t stop…a very apt phrase considering the huge level of demand for the product and vast quantities shipped!

In what Pringles themselves described as one of their most successful campaigns, SYKES received over 1.2 million promotional seals from consumers and packed and shipped speakers to 45 countries throughout the EMEA region, with the campaign achieving the highest redemption percentage of any previous campaign.

Being invited to manage the solution, SYKES initially set-up and hosted consumer registration pages in each language to allow consumers to register online for FREEPOST returns labels containing a unique barcode.

This unique label emailed to consumers enabled them to post in their 3 printed Pringles foil tub seals, required to qualify for the free speaker.

Upon receipt of the seals at SYKES warehouse, our operators scanned the barcode to identify the consumer making the return. This process offered by SYKES removed any need for linguistic skills, which had been an issue in the original brief.

SYKES helped to shape the solution for Pringles; making the consumer experience as simple as possible and optimising costs to ensure the project stayed within budget and such was the success, the promotion is being repeated again this year…

Services provided:

  • Webpage Set-up and Hosting
  • FREEPOST Response Services
  • Data Capture
  • Order Preparation
  • Direct Shipment to Consumers
  • International Outbound Post
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Replenishment Planning