Working in partnership with Ceridian SVS, a leading provider of prepaid and stored value solutions, SYKES manages B2B activity for Tesco UK & Tesco Ireland for their Corporate Gift Card order fulfilment.

Gift cards are shipped out on B2B orders to corporate customers of Tesco, who then in turn hand out the cards to their own customers or employees as incentives for the recipients to then use in-store at Tesco in the UK & Ireland.

There are various SKU’s being the different pre-determined denominations (e.g. gift cards pre-printed on the front as £10; £20 etc) as well as cardboard carriers for the cards to be attached to if an order comes through for a “card with carrier” option.

As this is for B2B business, order volumes vary from a few hundred cards to thousands of cards, with every card requiring to be scanned by the operator into our system prior to despatch of the order. The scans are then loaded into a CRM system each day, awaiting a call from the B2B customer wishing to activate their order.

Once the customer has provided the required info from their password to the SYKES agent and successfully activated their order, a value is added on the system to each individual card with an activation file sent from SYKES each night to Ceridian SVS and this completes the activation process with the cards being active and usable in-store the following day.

As an additional final part of the process, Sykes Call Centre team perform a proportionate check each morning on cards from the activation file sent the previous night to see if the cards are set to the correct “activated” status.

Services provided:

  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Returns Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Replenishment Planning
  • On-Demand Print Production